【The flower season of Yangming Mountain】

這次從2/10 ~ 3/19橫跨了精彩的228連假,中南部的朋友趕緊安排個小假期來台北賞花吧~



Where is the best place to go in spring?
I think Yangming Mountain is a good choice for u all.
The famous flower season of Yangming Mountain will be started from 2/10 untill April.
If you want to know more about Yangming Mountain tour, plz ask us in anytime.
Come to 4Plus! Let’s enjoy the flower season!


우와!! 유명한 양명산 봄꽃축제 2월10일부터 시작하겠습니다~
아직 여행일정 짜기 위해 고민하신 분~
이 봄꽃축제 절대 놓치지 마세용!!
양명산에 관한 관광문제 있으시면 저희한테 물어봐도 됩니다.


まだ旅行の予定のために悩んていますか? この花祭りを絶対見逃さないでください! 陽明山の近くに行ってみる値打ちがある処もたくさんありますので、是非遊びに来てなさい~~!!



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