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One of the specialties in 4Plus is that we have a large saloon area.

We not only share stories with travelers visit us, but also hold events and lectures .

In this September, we had our very first lecture here in 4Plus with “Traveler’s Library”.

It’s a lecture about travel stories sharing.

Many backpackers visited 4Plus and shared travel experiences with us.


Everyone came here sharing experiences about their first travel and those special stories.



Somebody went far away for work,

somebody spent their vacation to experience local cultures,

and somebody just want to go far away alone.

By these stories, we felt like going to another and another countries with them.

We could deeply affected by those stories  as if we had experienced by ourselves.



After the lecture, we talk to each other and had some snacks and coffee.

This lecture is not only about sharing your own stories, but also make friends with people who love traveling.


We appreciate everyone participated this lecture in 4Plus and we hope to hold more events and lectures in the future.

If you have any interests to hold events in 4Plus or cooperate with us,

please contact us via official website or Facebook fanpage.

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